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Why can’t women live without cosmetics?

Why can't women live without cosmetics?

You might have observed women searching for the best cosmetic brands. If you are a woman reading this, you would be smiling as you also spend some hours of the day looking for the best cosmetics brands. Women use cosmetics to change the appearance of the face and body like the way they want. We can bet many of the men and even women who prefer natural beauty once thought of this question, why can’t women live without cosmetics? There are many reasons because of which women can not live without cosmetics. One of the primary reason is the confidence and praise which people gives them after adapting cosmetics and makeup brands. Before we switch to reasons, let’s explore the difference between cosmetics and makeup. 

Cosmetics vs. makeup

The significant difference between cosmetics and makeup is their usage. People commonly use the word cosmetics for makeup. Both are used to enhance the beauty, but makeup comprises of our daily routine products such as lipstick, mascara, blush on. In contrast, the cosmetics are consist of all the products to enhance skin and body beauty such as fragrances, personal care, and skincare products. Body wash to moisturizer and lipstick, cosmetics have a versatile range. So, we can say that cosmetics is the ultimate name and makeup, and all other beauty products are sub-categories or subname. Here we are going to highlight the reasons depicting the importance of makeup and cosmetics for women. After reading this, surely you will get to know that why can’t women live without cosmetics?

Ultimate bodyguard 

Makeup only hides your face flaws for some time, but you can ultimately eliminate those flaws from the body with cosmetic products. There are three purposes of cosmetics such as cleaning, replenishing, and applying makeup to enhance beauty. The cosmetic products like face cleanser, body wash, and shampoo help in cleansing. Serums, moisturizers, and body creams replenish the body. People usually take makeup as cosmetics, but it has a broader purpose, such as promoting attractiveness, cleansing, beautifying, and enhancing the body’s appearance without altering its structure. 

Age ditcher 

Women and girls can not live without cosmetics because they want to hide their actual age. Some girls want to look mature, so they put on makeup like dark lipsticks and heavy mascaras. Similarly, some aged women want to look young, hiding their wrinkles with the best foundations and highlighters and looking young. Cosmetics can transform the age the way you wan. It is the main reason that two-thirds of women worldwide add makeup and cosmetic products to look more young and attractive. 


Cosmetics adds attraction in your personality, and you can attract anyone with your makeup looks. Well, it’s not a rule of thumb, but in most cases, if you want to attract someone, you can by adopting the attractive looks. Get an instant glam up the look by using the different cosmetic products such as the best fragrance, bright foundation, bobby brown versatile range lipsticks, and the Maybelline mascaras. Everyone wants a change in their life, and makeup can bring this instantly. Moreover, if someone has the preferences to see the glam-up looks, you can attract them by using cosmetic products. One of the main reasons women can not survive without makeup is attracting their desired men. A big valid reason! 😀 

To better express yourself 

It is human nature that we get attracted by the person whose body language is confident. Cosmetics and makeup products add attraction and the essence of confidence. So, when you would be confident, you will better express yourself. Most of the women wear the makeup they want and then express themselves the way they want. For example, women have defined categories of makeup and cosmetics for different events and occasions. If you are going to an office, there would be regular makeup, light lipstick with tied hairs. Contrarily going on a wedding to look unique, you would choose a dark lipstick with overall light makeup, the best accessories, and the dress. In short, cosmetics are the women’s weapon to express themselves the way they want. It is like what they are feeling inside; they will express with their makeup. The bright and shiny makeups on happy occasions and dull and light for the bore environments like offices 😀 

Hide imperfections 

Cosmetics help women to hide their imperfections like dark circles with the concealer. It is not always like cosmetics hide the flaws, but it also helps in getting the healthy glowing skin. Some new age re-winder serums and moisturizers help in foxing the dark spots. Women can not think to leave the cosmetic products as it helps them to maintain healthy glowing skin. Due to the changing climate, it is impossible to keep a healthy skin without cosmetic products. So, a daily cleanser, scrub, soothing lotion, moisturizer, aloe Vera, and cucumber gel must add a daily routine to get glowing and perfect skin. 

A big change in life!

Cosmetics are a life changer for women. You can get a different version of yourself. The same natural looks can be annoying sometimes, so grab the desired look with versatile cosmetic products. We can say cosmetics are also a mood changer. Feeling bored? Do some makeup and hang out with friends. Believe me; there would be no other best feeling in this world except wearing makeup, best clothes, long drives, parties, and watching movies. 

So, from the above factors, it is clear that women can not live, and women should not live without cosmetic products. It gives confidence, beauty, and a better way to express yourself. Moreover, everything in this world needs maintenance and our body too. So, cosmetic products like cleanser, scrubber polishes the body. Applying the serums and natural gels polish the body and help in making the wrinkles away. You can also say that cosmetic products help women to look more young and beautiful.

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