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Dry hands and skin– Causes and Remedies

Dry Skin – Causes and Remedies

Humans have different skin types, i.e., Normal, dry, oily, and mixed skin. Dry skin is mainly caused by less sebum secretion from the body, resulting in cracking and bleeding due to skin weakening. Therefore, it is imperative to understand your skin type and prevent it from harm beforehand. Having dry skin can be taken care of as you are already aware of your type. But there are certain other factors which can cause the skin to dry. Due to the recent COVID-19 situation, this skin issue has been observed to be increasing. The reason is apparent; that is, we have to sanitize our hands and keep washing our hands and face to avoid any effect. Therefore, the skin is becoming rough and dry among all the skin problems dry hands issue is the most significant one. Even some doctors recommend to wash hands after every half hour, it is making hands dry and rough.  And hence, it is crucial to understand what actually causes dry skin and what can be possible remedies to prevent it. So, we first discuss all dry skin causes and remedies and then dry hands issues. 


Dry skin is mostly caused due to hereditary factors and can be passed from generation to generation. Other elements of having dry skin are:


Our busy routines have affected our diet a lot. One of the common problems faced by today’s generation is that we don’t even have time to drink sufficient water and have programmed our bodies to live without basic needs. The use of technology is increasing a lot, and this is also a significant cause to keep our body dehydrated as the harmful rays from our gadgets drain us out, and we don’t even refuel ourselves. 

Abrupt weight loss

As we humans have set unrealistic and naïve standards of being skinny only to be called as beautiful; therefore, we are working very hard to lose more weight and live less. This need to look quixotically beautifully is causing our bodies to dry out. With sweat, the crucial minerals evaporate from our body, causing the skin dry and rough. The improper intake of diet after a workout can have many harmful effects on the body, and one is the dry skin. 

Use of harsh skin products

The use of harsh skin products can also lead to dry skin. As makeup has become a basic necessity these days, therefore, excessive use of makeup can make our skin look dull and lose its texture. Some fragrances cause allergy on the skin, making it dry and itchy. So, check the ingredients of perfumes with long-lasting scents. All fragrances do not suit to all. So, never use those harsh skin products to save yourself from skin dryness and other skin issues. 

Environment conditions

It is vital to keep notice of changing the environment. Severe weather conditions affect skin badly, making it vulnerable to dry out.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions lead to excessive use of medicines and hence drain our body out. Also, some medical conditions directly affect blood circulation and make the skin dry. 

Consequences of Dry skin

If the skin remains dry for long and no cure is done, it can lead to skin Yellowing and discoloration, redness or itchiness, swelling, and different types of allergies causing skin inflammation and hence leading to cracking and bleeding. 

Problems of dry hands 

In dry skin problems, dry hands are the most common ones. It mainly occurs in winter, when we wash hands many times. The rough, dry hands problem is due to a lack of natural oils. Dry hands can lead to severe issues such as pain when stretching and also bleeding. The leading cause of dry hands is the harsh wind and severe weather. Irritants in the air can lead to the change of weather and make the hands dry. Whether cold or hot, dry makes hands parched. The indoor heating also sucks all the moisture from the air and makes the body look dry and dull. Some underlying conditions, such as the Underactive thyroid gland, Atopic dermatitis, Diabetes, and Psoriasis, led to dry hands. 

Gene mutation is a barrier in the production of protein in the body and causes dehydration. It can also lead to conditions like eczema and skin become drier and drier. 


The most critical solution to heal dry skin is to prevent it from drying and keep the required amount of sebum to be secreted from the body. It means to improve the skin from the inside to avoid any dryness issues. 

Home remedies for dry skin

An essential ingredient to prevent our skins from drying is drinking water and natural juices. A juice rich in vitamin C, i.e., Orange juice, helps to supplement the skin and also purifies the blood and hence improves the blood circulation to avoid skin drying. Also, watermelon and avocado juice are the best for dry skin. Oils like coconut and sunflower improve hydration. Therefore, food should be cooked in these oils, preferably. The use of these oils directly over the skin is also very beneficial. Other home remedies to prevent skin from drying include milk and honey. 

The use of aloe Vera and petroleum jelly also keeps the body hydrated and prevents drying.

Famous products for dry skin

For dry skin, doctor’s recommendations is a must to use any skincare product. However, there are some outstanding moisturizers like Cetaphil, ceraVe, and Aquaphor, which are dermatologically tested and recommended by doctors as well to prevent skin from drying. 

If dryness is a temporary issue, then a typical moisturizer from any leading skincare company can be used. As in winters, the commonly used moisturizer is Vaseline. 

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