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About Us

About Us

RoopNikhaar is an online informative & reviews platform of makeup products, especially for ladies. We provide complete information and reviews about commonly used makeup products to our viewers and ease them to buy it from the world’s leading online shopping platform Amazon. As the world is diverting towards online shopping because they have less time to go to the market and purchase something for them. That’s why RoopNikhaar helps viewers to buy online while reading the number of reviews about a specific product to get fully acknowledged about that product. We have reviews of mostly used ladies makeup products such as eye makeup, Base & foundation, Lipstick, nail polish and men’s and women’s perfumes, etc.

We have an affiliation with the world’s largest online shopping platform “amazon” which always strives his best to provide complete satisfactory products to its customers. The Customer who buy something from Amazon, always come back and buy again for the next time.

The idea behind RoopNikhaar

Over number of years, We observed that people get tired after a full busy day and have no time for themselves to go for outing or shopping, etc due to hectic routines. On weekends, mostly they spent time with their families and other home-related work. They just make plans to go to the market for shopping but could not execute that plan due to a shortage of time. Besides this, almost everyone uses mobile phones and laptops or other ways of the online world. By keeping this thing in mind, we thought that there must be something new to ease people and saves their time for shopping, When we search different platforms related to eCommerce, we found that Amazon is leading online shopping platform which is providing quality products to their customers. Then we planned to advertise amazon some of the specific products i.e; makeup products by reviewing them with our deep knowledge and understanding so that people could easily found them and purchase them on the Amazon platform. This is how RoopNikhaar turned his idea into reality.

Contact Us:

You can contact us if you have any query or want to know any information about makeup products.